The Escapists 5


If you like testing yourself in adrenaline-packed situations, The Escapists 2 is a game for you! In this 2D RPG you’ll have to make an escape from a multi-level prison that’s even trickier and more dangerous than the one from the original release. Developers have included an upgraded crafting system and an even wider range of items in the new version. Besides, they have improved the combat system giving players an opportunity to use various types of attacks, block hits coming from the enemy and lock onto your aims. The graphics has also been updated to create an even more realistic atmosphere and make you feel like really being in prison while retaining the original style. In The Escapists 2, you can also customize the look of your character, including gender and hair. You can get your head shaved for a more menacing look or get your hair gathered into a ponytail. That allows you to stand out from the rest of prisoners as you all are trying to break out from this gloomy and dangerous place.

The game also has an element of strategic thinking, since escaping the prison isn’t only possible by force. You can choose a cleverer way that doesn’t require so much effort. There are many opportunities for you to discover. And even though you might think that learning painting or entering a band seems like a useless thing to do, any of them might turn out to be quite helpful in your quest. So don’t just sit around doing nothing! Get responsible for your own fate and pave your path to freedom!


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