Just two years ago, with found out about The Escapists, a prison-themed sandbox that tasked the player with planning and executing a prison break. Now we can finally get our hands on the sequel. And there is a lot to appreciate here. While the gaming mechanics has remained intact, a large number of new features have been implemented to make the gameplay even more thrilling. There are ten different prisons to run away from. In each of them, the hero is left at his own disposal. Day after day, you will be living by strict prison rules, communicating with your inmates, taking part in various activities and, most importantly, devising your escape plan.

You have to do everything on time – go to the launch room to replenish your energy level, to the gym to build up your muscles and to the library to get smarter. Besides you’ll need to find a job and try not to be late anywhwere, otherwise your level of suspiciousness will grow and the guards will start checking your belongings more often. So if you store any useful stuff in your safe, you need to be time-friendly!

During all those activities you also have to communicate with other prisoners and guards, check their safes in search of various items and ingredients from which you can craft other, more complicated things and perform various quests. The quests are mostly simple – beat someone, rustle up some items and so on. But there are also missions where you have to be inventive. For instance, someone asked you to sabotage your inmate so that he didn’t go to work. Of course, you can simply send him to the hospital. But it’s much more interesting to flood his cell so that his job wasn’t his major concern at the moment.

As a reward, you will get money and reputation. The level of your reputation will affect your relationship with other prisoners. You can even team up with them to work out a more elaborate plan. Surely, you can act by force beating everyone and provoking fights and mutinies, but then you’ll spend most of your time in the disciplinary cell and your reputation will get pretty low. To join in, just drop into any game running online or create a new one and play with friends!


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