The Escapists 2 is a fascinating prison sandbox where your task is to break free from a jail. Take a calculated risk and try to escape the best guarded prisons of the planet. Research multilevel jails with ventilation system, open roofs and intricate labyrinths leading underground. Your life will be going by the jail rules and you’ll have to follow a strict schedule, even go to work. But during all this time you’ll be plotting out your escape! Implementing it, you’ll get to find yourself in a train running through a desert, in a frosty tundra and even in the open space! First of all, you will need to create your own prisoner. Pick various appearance features, combine them and make your character differ from others. You can make them either male or female, change hairstyle and clothes. But you don’t need to be alone in your quest! There is also a multiplayer allowing you to create a team of 2-4 players and devise a common plan. You’ll have the chance to use more opportunities if you act together! Play either as a team or against each other.

When you are in jail, you need to deal with the stuff you have at hand. Combining different items, you can create new instruments and weapons that will help you reach your aim. Rustle up a fork to make an escape tunnel in your cell and disguise it with a poster crafted from a magazine and masking tape. As you’ll soon find out, masking tape decides most of the problems.

Be ready for a battle! The Escapists 2 contains a totally new fighting system making all combats more interesting. You’ll need to block enemy’s hits and combine attacks into series moving around your opponent at the same time. Don’t forget to go to the gym before that and grow some muscle! The update introduces plenty of new ways of escape. The jails have become more secure. You’ll need to detail your breakout plan very carefully! Although it seems very tough There are lots of means to escape from any of the jails. Try, for instance, to mix various pills and mixtures to fake death. Maybe that will help!

So, let’s summarize the new features added to The Escapists 2. You’ll be able to play in 10 new multi-level prisons in all parts of the world. You can participate in a multiplayer both cooperating or competing with other players. The multiplayer supports a maximum number of 4 players with a split screen. You can also drop in and out at any time. Altogether, that makes The Escapists 2 an amazing new game to play! Start your own game or join any of the existing ones to challenge yourself and your buddies to a jail breakout from a wide range of fascinating locations!


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