The Escapists 3


The Escapists 3 is new part of a sequel of the original Escapists game where you had to break out of prison. The new release has become even more spectacular and added many important gameplay features. After the events that unfolded in the previous chapter, the guards have equipped the prison with even more intricate security technologies. Now escaping from it is an even tougher task! Will you be able to pull that off? The only way to find out is to try.

The new release offers even more possibilities for planning out a clever escape almost from any prison of the world. There will be plenty of locations for you to play on, including a train moving through the desert, a frosty tundra, a tropical forest and even a space base. The prisons will be multi-level, with roofs, underground tunnels and a ventilation system. So don’t hope for your escape to be that easy! You can try different ways: breaking out by force together with other members of the band, digging a tunnel with a fork or using subtler strategies. For that, you’ll have to upgrade corresponding skills. Sitting in the library will make you smarter while working out in the gym will make you stronger. And even seemingly unnecessary skills like painting can come in handy.

You’ll also have to cooperate with other characters if you hope to succeed. Some of them act as merchants selling you various stuff, others will give you quests that will bring you valuable rewards. Besides, there is a multiplayer with a split screen. You can also join any of the games running online and drop out any minute. Team up with your feinds our play against each other in The Escapists 2!


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