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In 2015, the gaming community greeted a prison escape simulator The Escapists. The main hero of this unusual project had to plan his way to freedom without alerting the police. Now there is also a sequel to this 2D RPG that boasts some new features and capabilities. Let’s see what has been added by developers to make the game even more fascinating!

Life in prison

First of all, the graphics was improved to look fresher and more appealing, with a lot of prison life details. After the implementation of a new engine, the characters stopped being just a bunch of pixels and acquired individuality. And not just because of the updated graphics! In The Escapists 2, players can choose from 300 customizable types. You can change your character’s hair and beard style and even select their gender.

The prison has its rules that you need to follow. You’ll have to attend the lunch room, do physical exercise, go to shower and look for a job. All those actions are strictly limited in time. To do everything as planned, don’t forget to check out the clock in the right upper corner of the screen. You’ll also have to communicate with your inmates. Characters that have a coin over them can sell you important items, while those with an exclamation coins will give you a quest. For instance, you’ll have to get a piece of soap or help somebody get a job. With time, you’ll gain some friends and discover the joy of visiting the library and the gym. Without working out, you won’t be able to carry and craft many things.

Crafting and fighting

Collecting resources and crafting items is an important part of the gaming process. If you look around carefully, you’ll find a lot of stuff that will help you in your escape mission. Such simple things as soap and socks can be combined into a wide range of instruments and even weapons. Stock up your stuff in a safe and don’t forget to check the safes of other players. However, your inventory is limited, so store only the stuff you really need.

The fighting system has also been revamped. Combat has become much more complicated, with ability to combine light and heavy attacks, move around your target and block the enemy’s hits. That gives you much broader opportunities when sorting things out in the prison yard.

Play together!

Planning an escape is easier with friends. For that purpose, the game has a multiplayer. You can join a game that’s already running or form your own band. Aside from cooperating, you can also compete with your buddies. Useful connections will be to the point in multilevel prisons with the latest security technologies and attentive guards. There are 10 new locations to escape from, including a train prison, tundra, jungle and open space. Multiplayer is available both locally and online. To participate in a game, you have to simply drop in and start acting according to the situation. In a similar way, you can drop out at any time. This is very convenient and you don’t have to way until a new game is created.

With updated graphics, avatar customization, new features and multiplayer, The Escapists 2 definitely deserves your attention! Prepare to spend hours glued to the screen and trying out different ways of gaining your freedom!