The Escapists 2 for PC


If you found it thrilling and amusing enough to break out of prison in the original Escapists game, you’ll certainly be fascinated about the recent release of the second chapter! There are ten new locations waiting for you, including a moving train, a snow-covered tundra, hot jungle and outer space. You’ll be able to escape your incarceration in plenty of new ways. The update also introduces new craftable items and a revamped fighting system with new moves and opportunities. The missions can be accomplished either on your own or together with your friends in multiplayer. Now you can also drop in and out both online and locally. Planning and implementing your escape has become even more intricate! Finally, you’ll have an opportunity to choose your character’s gender and hairstyle. The graphics of the game has also been improved, but developers have retained the overall appearance of the original art. So if you are looking to get another dose of adrenaline, The Escapists 2 is waiting for you!


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