The Escapists 4


Do you think you could run away from a prison if you had to? The Escapists 4 will allow you to test yourself in a prison simulator where you have to outsmart the guards and escape your incarceration. The prisons will be located in various part of the planet (and even beyond it) and will consist of multiple levels to make the process even more challenging. You’ll have to dig tunnels leading from you cell to the underground system, move through the ventilation and keep your eyes peeled each and every second cause there is danger on every step!

Even more, before actually executing your escape you’ll have to carefully plan it! And to do that, you’ll probably need some help. Luckily, you can find plenty of resources scattered around and hidden in your inmates’ safes to craft the items you need or buy them from characters with a coin mark over them. Those with an exclamation point will provide you with a wide variety of quests. You’ll also have to take care of upgrading your skills which you are definitely going to need in your complicated mission. For instance, to be capable of carrying more things, you’ll have to visit the gym and to get smarter, there is a library.

But that’s not all! You can also team up with other prisoners to make it easier for you to break out. Those can be random players or your own friends. You can drop in at any moments and pick up right on the move and drop out when you decide you’re done for today. Choose your comrades wisely and think strategically to avoid being catched!


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