The Escapists 2 Minecraft


Prison simulators grow increasingly popular on the computer game market. And The Escapists is living proof of that. The game launched in 2015 and became widely popular. Now, after two years, there is a sequel to play! The new release has a number of new features that will definitely draw your attention. Continuing the old story, the game sets you in brand new locations challenging you to escape ten multi-level prisons scattered all over the planet. From the heat of the jungle to a frosty tundra, you’ll have to devise an elaborate plan of breaking out and implementing it despite all challenges.

Doing that won’t be easy. Aside from planning your escape, you’ll also have to follow the prison rules: wake up and go to bed at a certain time, go to the lunch room, visit the library and the gym. You also need a job. And make sure to do everything in time otherwise the guards will grow suspicious. Your activities will also help you build up your skills. Going to the gym will help you build up enough muscle strength to carry heavy weight. And if you want to learn crafting helpful items, you need to spend a certain time in the library Things crafted by you or found on the map can be used for various purposes – for instance, digging a tunnel leading out of the cell or fighting in the prison yard.

It’s also helpful to make a couple of friends among your inmates. That’s possible by accomplishing quests given by the others. That will also help you get a certain amount of money and increase your level of reputation. Multiplayer is supported both locally and online. You can either play from a single computer on a split screen or join any of the current games with the ability to drop out any moment. The avatars are customizable to a rather large extent allowing you to create a unique appearance for your character. The graphics have also been improved, so prepare for a brand new gaming experience in The Escapists 2!


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