How to escape


Movies like ‘The Green Mile’ and ‘Escape from Shawshank’ have widely popularized the theme of prison life. We can see it not only in cinema, but also in computer games. And The Escapists 2 is one of them. With the first chapter released back in 2015, the game proved to be highly successful among gamers of all categories. Today we are glad to introduce a sequel to this amazing prison simulator that has become even more atmospheric and thrilling!

After the previous escape, security measures in the prison have become even stricter. Now you can pass by the guards and security cameras unnoticed. But if you act cleverly, you have every chance of escaping and winning your freedom. Aside from obvious solutions like teaming up with other prisoners and taking out the guards by sheer force, you can also create more elaborated plans like digging a tunnel in your cell and disguising it from the others or devising another, even trickier scheme. There are ten new prisons to break out from. Some of them will be located in the heat of the jungle, some will be covered with Polar snow and some will even be on the move! To complicate the task even more, the prisons will be multilevel offering quite a lot of place for maneuvering.

Another thing that’s new in The Escapists 2 is the fighting system. It has become more intricate allowing you to build your own battle tactics by combining various types of attacks and moving around the opponent. Crafting has also become more versatile, with new recipes added. If you lack any materials or items, you can look for them in your inmates’ safes or buy them from a seller.  There are also quests to accomplish – you can receive them from special characters. Finally, the most widely expected new feature of The Escapists 2 is the multiplayer. You can now play with your friends on a split screen or online!


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