The Escapists 2 beta


There is hardly a person who’d like to outstay one’s visit in prison. And our hero is no exception. He’s been dreaming about breaking out of here for quite a long time. And trying different ways to do it. But it seems he won’t succeed without your help. Lead your character to freedom in this thrilling prison simulator The Escapists 2 Beta! The sequel boasts even more exciting features than the original release. You’ll be able to craft more objects that will be helpful in implementing your plans. The fighting system has been completely revamped allowing you to act tactically and combine various attack types for a favorable outcome. Each character is unique, with their own story. Some of them will see you things you need, others will give you different quests. You’ll be able to join a band or create your own one. Multiplayer is available both online and locally. You don’t have to wait for too long, just drop into a game that’s already running. Or play with friends on a split screen. Team up with other players or compete them plotting out your escape from 10 new multi-level prisons located in various parts of the world! The Escapists 2 offer even more possibilities and challenges for strategic thinking!


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