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If you are already familiar with The Escapists, a legendary prison escape simulator, then you’ll be fascinated to find out that there is already a sequel on the market! The Escapists 2 for android has added a slew of new features that made the gameplay even more addictive. The story continues to follow the life of the main character who successfully escaped from his imprisonment but was repeatedly caught and put behind the bars. Since his first term, security measures have become much stricter and running away is not as easy as it used to be. Will he be able to escape this time? With your help, definitely!

The action will unfold across ten prisons scattered all over the world. You’ll get to be jailed in the middle of the jungle, in the North Pole and even in space. Each location has multiple levels and a very complicated map, so don’t expect your escape to be trouble free. At the same time, there will be a wide range of opportunities to execute your plan.

First of all, you have to make sure you have all necessary items for that. Those can be either found on the map or crafted on your own. You can also purchase the stuff you require from some characters and get money by completing various quests. That will also increase your reputation helping you to build relationships with your inmates. After all, it’s easier to break out from jail as a team! You can even team up with your friends both online and locally. Joining the game is possible at any time as well as leaving one. Other improvements include a wider range of skills and craftable items, new fighting system and upgraded graphics. Take a challenge and try to break out of ten most secure prisons in the world in The Escapists 2!


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