The Escapists 2 hack


Escaping a prison is not an easy task and The Escapists 2 with hack is out to prove it once more! The game has become even more colorful and thrilling. Available on PC and major consoles, it introduces quite a lot of new features while keeping many of the original themes intact. If you are ready to find out what developers have in store for you, welcome to the sequel of the award-winning multiplayer RPG!

To break out from imprisonment, you’ll have to think strategically and try multiple ways to get out into the fresh air again. At first, it seems the prison is carefully guarded, but that doesn’t mean there are no weak spots in the security system for you to employ. While there is always a way to fight your way out using crude force, you can also team up with other players to unite your efforts and resources pursuing a common goal. Joining a game is now available both locally and online. You can just drop in at any time and join your inmates in plotting your common escape.

A good deal of personal touch has been added to the game by introducing customizable avatars. There are also new fighting styles to learn to get the upper hand in a combat. Moreover, you can get the hang of numerous new skills that will help you while away the tedious days of waiting behind the bars. For instance, you can learn painting and it can even prove helpful in your mission of breaking out.

The visuals have been revamped too. The game has become more appealing and realistic, but the main approach has remained the same as in the first version. While looking quite recognizable and offering plenty of gameplay features the players are already familiar with, The Escapists 2 offers a wide assortment of new possibilities. You’ll be able to work out your own plan of escaping with a hefty replay value as you try ever new means of gaining your freedom. So go ahead and win it!


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